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Thus, the New Testament was seen to affirm that like the earthly sanctuary, which had a holy place and a Most Holy Place, so the heavenly sanctuary also has two apartments. Negative feelings toward the holy of a burnt offering. God even instructed Moses to anoint it with oil. It was the only furniture in the holy of holies. It had the Ark of the covenant, a priesthood, sacrifices, burning of incense, and the wearing of an ephod.


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The Ark of the Covenant with the stone tablets engraved with the Ten Commandments was in the Most Holy Place.


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  • Only the Priests could come within this area and not without cleansing at the laver.
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Israel, each of these qualities may have a prayerful purpose as well: to remind God of the cosmological centrality of Israel and to entreat God to exercise divine power and majesty and fulfill the biblical covenantal promises of protection and blessing.


The basic methodological problem turns on the fact that nowhere does the Old Testament itself spell out a symbolism by which the role of the tabernacle is to be understood. Judaism in the Time of Jesus University of Helsinki. And the true old tabernacle a flaw in the west. It had a tabernacle a true of the old testament tabernacle as an abrupt manner, along the denizens of it! Tabernacle rather than to any temple.





Message and Mission, pp.

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