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Consider the implications; does the employee still qualify for existing benefits or need new health cover, for example? When posting jobs, include key information like a job title, the role description required experience and qualifications. By laying out these expectations clearly, misunderstandings can be minimised and the employee can also be kept accountable. Even if you supply the device, they might still be tempted to download files or apps from home that have hidden malware. For those businesses that unexpectedly had to ask employees to work from home, there have been numerous other concerns. Both the geographical area covered by the covenant and its duration are key to the enforceability of restrictive covenants. The employer was, therefore, unable to rely on the new restrictive covenants. Got a question about Workspace?


Establish a rewards system that changes frequently so managers are forced to recognize and acknowledge workers regularly. EPENDANTS LEAVE: You are entitled to take reasonableunpaid time off to deal with an emergency involving adependant. Your IT team should ensure that every device that accesses your network has sufficient levels of protection in place. If you apply for and secure a new position, you must reapply for a new working from home agreement with your new supervisor. EEA and Switzerland need to be checked.



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